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On Thursday 2nd February, Mill Garth Hospital will be hosting an open day event between 10am and 5pm. To register your interest, please email info@...Read more


Partnerships in Care is one of the largest and most experienced providers of specialist, secure and step-down care across the UK.

With hospitals and services around the country, 30 years of experience and highly experienced teams, we help patients, residents and commissioners find the right care pathways, without the need for multiple reassessments.

We provide:

  • Medium secure, low secure, locked and open, recovery focused rehabilitation, and community housing to support patients’ safe and positive reintegration into the community
  • Acute and high dependency services (HDU) for patients in an acute psychiatric crisis, who are at risk to themselves and others, and require an emergency admission
  • Specialist residential care and education, specifically designed for young people, with histories of self-injurious behaviours, attachment difficulties and complex presentations
  • Individualised inpatient and residential care and education for children, young people and adults, requiring treatment of acute or severe and enduring eating disorders
  • Personalised inpatient and outpatient treatment for addiction and psychological trauma

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