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Eating Disorders

Inpatient recovery services for children and young people with acute and severe, enduring eating disorder.

We believe in giving each young person a positive experience, based on clear and achievable goals. We give people in our care the chance to experience education and leisure activities within a nurturing and therapeutic environment.

Young people referred to us:

  • Are 6-25 years of age (people over the age of 25 will be assessed, based on individual need)
  • Can be admitted under the Mental Health Act (1983)
  • May be currently placed in a medical ward, a general CAMHS unit or be receiving treatment from a
  • NHS community team
  • Can be referred by a GP
  • Can be admitted from outside the UK
  • Require inpatient and day treatment
  • Stepping down from inpatient treatment or requiring more intensive treatment than an outpatient services can provide

Therapeutic environment

  • Based on a client-centred model of relational therapy that promotes reflection on, exploration of and understanding of the client’s psychological needs
  • Promotes opportunities to make decisions, express views and wishes regarding their care as well as the organisation of the home
  • Collaborative partnership with the client to identify and understand the symptoms, patterns and origins of psychological distress and develop the skills to manage them

Our eating disorder services:

Althea Park & Ashleigh House, Gloucestershire - residential services for young people with eating disorders aged 15 - 25 years