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Personality Disorder

Partnerships in Care (PiC) accepts referrals of men and women diagnosed with PD from the NHS, prisons and other independent sector providers nationwide. Our units across the UK offer a choice of  treatment models within a variety of security levels.

Our broad approach to care reflects evidence that patients with PD make faster and more sustained progress in specialised units. Our PD services include psychological treatment approaches such as therapeutic community and open rehabilitation. We work closely with the criminal justice system and our Intensive Assessment and Treatment Service (IATS) is particularly recommended for this patient group.

Our treatment programme offers:

  • Flexible and complex packages of care in full care pathways across all security levels
  • Gender specific services
  • Intensive therapeutic treatment including social and psychological interventions
  • Social therapy and relational security
  • Rehabilitation ethos ensuring a smooth transition to recovery
  • Secure step down for patients referred by the criminal justice system
  • Close liaison with local services to help patients maintain community links

Patient profile:

Age 18 or over with primary diagnosis of PD often with complex needs and/or dual diagnosis

Detained under the Mental Health Act or informal status