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Information for patients and their families

People are at the heart of everything we do. We work closely with people in our care and their families, to involve them planning care pathways, and be involved in decisions made about their care.

What we promise to do:

  • Focus on individual abilities, interests and needs of each person in our care
  • Offer patients the choice to plan and chair your Care Programme Approach meetings
  • Invite families and carers to open days 
  • Listen, hear, and respond to your views
  • Talk to you in language and with written materials you can easily understand, even about legal and clinical issues
  • Support you in arranging visits for family or friends or in communicating by Skype or telephone (as appropriate)


Did you know

  • 81% of patients surveyed said they are treated with respect and dignity
  • 79% of patients report clinicians and nurses listen to them well
  • Real work opportunities roles for patients increased to 131 available roles in 2014
  • Patients are involved in their risk assessments
  • Families, carers and patients all report a higher level of satisfaction than last year about how we support their contact with one another
  • 69% of our patients responded positively to the Family and Friends Test saying they would recommend PiC services
  • People in our care won 94 awards in 2014 (Service User Awards and Koestler Awards)

Useful information

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Make a complaint about a person or service
Take a break if you are a carer
Cope better as a carer

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I'm contacting you to let you know how impressed my mother and I were with the attending staff member during our visit on 15 May to see my brother. [STAFF MEMBER] was kind, courteous and very professional throughout our visit. The most striking aspect however, was when [PATIENT NAME] became agitated and verbally aggressive to my mother and I, which is an unfortunate manifestation of his illness, the staff member assessed the situation and very accurately (to my mind) judged the timing of his intervention and importantly, the manner in how to do so. [STAFF MEMBER] alleviated a tense situation and prevented a difficult and unsettling episode for all concerned, all the while maintaining a calm, assertive demeanour combined with good humour. This is by no means easy to achieve with patients of such an unpredictable nature, and [STAFF MEMBER'S] approach was all the more impressive given his apparent young age (without wishing to appear condescending), so I hope he can be commended and our gratitude passed on to him. I would just like to add that my mother and I have always been treated with kind professionalism by all your staff members on all of our visits over the years to this PiC facility and we are extremely grateful for and reassured by the hard work, care and attention that is afforded to my brother in all aspects of his needs.

* names have been taken out to protect the patient's and family's anonymity

Family Member
15 June 2016

I wish everyone to know how grateful we, the family, are to the management and staff of Kemple View and Elmhurst. I have been overwhelmed with the amount of care and attention accorded to our son in the last months; the sensitivity shown towards him and to us, the family. [PATIENT'S NAME] has complex needs which have been and are being met with real individual care, attention, kindness and good humour, giving him a wonderful opportunity for recovery in his life.

Mother of patient
10 June 2015

just wanted to say thank you to [MEMBER OF THE STAFF) and [MEMBER OF THE STAFF] for driving all the way to [TOWN NAME] today so that we could see [PATIENT NAME]...No words can explain how happy we were to see [PATIEN NAME]. She has been a big part in our life for such a long time...The distance between us means that we cant be very supportive to [PATIENT NAME], although we speak every day and we have visited a few times...I asked her today if she was anxious and her reply was "no im not anxious i feel like im back home"..[PATIENT] has progressed so much since she has been in your care, I know that she wants to move back to [AREA], if she did it would mean we could see her a lot more and support her alot more than we can at the moment...The bond between my daughter and [PATIENT] is amazing...some think that no one could break...Myself and my partner [PARTNER'S NAME} also have a bond with [PATIENT NAME]...she is someone we love and miss......to all the members of staff at [HOSPITAL]....all your hard work is appreciated ....thank you all very much x

* names and locations have been taken out to protect the patient's and family's anonymity

04 June 2015

Hey all at The Dene, may I just say a big thank you to all the staff, as well as the patients, for being there when I needed someone to talk to. Ever since I have come home I’ve been eating well and for breakfast I’ve been eating cereal with toast and fruit. I feel my new life is just starting and I am missing everybody, but it’s only natural at the moment. I would give The Dene 10 out of 10. I can’t thank you all enough.

03 June 2015