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Mental Disorder

Mental Illness, Personality Disorder, Autism Spectrum Conditions

  • We provide a fulfilling, nurturing environment for men and women with severe, complex and enduring mental health needs ; this can include dual diagnoses
  • We focus first and foremost on our patients’ recovery, not simply management of their condition
  • We recognise the differing requirements of our patient groups and offer specialist treatment appropriate to the relevant diagnoses
  • Our specialist therapies and interventions are provided on site by a highly qualified and experienced multidisciplinary team

Patient profile:

  • Adults age 18 or over, with primary diagnosis of mental illness and often with history of offending behaviour, criminal conviction, abuse or self- harm;
  • Separate and dedicated wards  for older adults
  • For services for children see Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)
  • Sectioned under the Mental Health Act, 1983, or on conditional discharge, or under Deprivation of Liberty order
  • Informal patients

Service settings:

  • We provide a variety of settings across geographically linked sites including medium and low secure, locked and open rehabilitation, supported and independent living. This permits:
    •  recovery-focused treatment planning
    • step down care
    • geographically linked care pathways
    • reduced need for re-assessments of  patients
    • continuity within therapeutic relationships.

Personality Disorder services

We admit people with a primary diagnosis of PD often with complex needs and/or dual diagnosis and care for them in gender-specific settings, either detained under the Mental Health Act or admitted informally.

Our treatment programme includes:

  • Intensive social and psychological interventions
  • Social therapy and relational security
  • Secure step down for people referred by the criminal justice system
  • Close liaison with local services to help patients maintain community links and work towards discharge

Autism Spectrum Condition care pathways

Autism spectrum disorders often present in association with other complex mental health conditions or behaviours and Partnerships in Care has a specialist Care Pathways developed for a range of these.

Patient profile:

In adult services, people age 18 or over who are either detained under the Mental Health Act or are admitted informally. We specialise in treating people who have a primary diagnosis of ASD with one or more of the following diagnoses:

  • ASD with severe or moderate learning disability and associated challenging behaviour (link to LD page)
  • For ASD with mental illness or psychosis our treatments:
    • minimise psychotic symptoms and challenging behaviour
    • develop greater self-insight, build self-esteem and positive coping strategies
    • develop communication and social skills
    • deliver practical and educational training
  • For ASD with personality disorder our treatments:
    • reduce self-harm and challenging behaviour
    • develop effective communication skills and use of sensory tools
    •  reduce vulnerability risks, change learned behaviours
    • support clear boundaries and structured days